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3 star Hotel. See our offers, price, availability of 3 star Hotel in Sardinia : 16 3 star Hotel in Sardinia
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Hotel Alessandro

Hotel Alessandro - Pittulongu - Click for further information on the photo


Hotel Arbatasar - Arbatax - Click for further information on the photo

Baia Romantica

Hotel Baja Romantica - Bosa - Click for further information on the photo

El Faro

Hotel El Faro - Alghero - Click for further information on the photo


Hotel Pedraladda - Castelsardo - Click for further information on the photo

I Ciclopi

Hotel I Ciclopi - Sant Antioco - Click for further information on the photo

Punta Negra

Hotel Punta Negra - Alghero - Click for further information on the photo

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Tempio Pausania
Pausania Inn
Price: 37.5 - 67.5 € per day and person
Locality: Tempio Pausania

Description: Hotel Pausania Inn - Immersed in the naturalistic beauty of Gallura, and just 30-40 km from the renowned white sand beaches of Northern Sardinia, Paus…

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Sa Pischedda
Price: 55 - 230 € per day and accomodation
Locality: Bosa

Description: The hotel founded in the 1896, in the historical centre of Bosa, medieval city situated in the north west coast of Sardinia, on valley of the Malaspin…

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Baja Romantica
Price: 46.75 - 164 € per day and accomodation
Locality: Bosa

Description: The hotel Baja Romantica was new built recently in 2009.
It is located right on the river Temo in Bosa Marina at the small marina, and onl…

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Costa Rei
Hotel Albaruja
Price: 55 - 119 € per day and person
Locality: Costa Rei

Description: Hotel Albaruja - Immersed in the flavour and colours of the typical Mediterranean vegetation, the Albaruja residence is very closed to the beautiful w…

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Putzu Idu
Hotel Da Cesare
Price: 58 - 280 € per day and accomodation
Locality: Putzu Idu

Description: Hotel Da Cesare - The hotel is positioned directly at the wonderful beach of the Marina di San Vero Milis in the little village Putzu Idu.

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Hotel dell`Ancora
Price: 50 - 179 € per day and person
Locality: Villasimius

Description: Hotel dell’Ancora: the hotel is situated only some hundred meters distant to the wonderful and impressive beaches of Villasimius, it is placed in a qu…

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Hotel La Valle
Price: 30 - 90 € per day and person
Locality: Carloforte

Description: Hotel La Valle, new in modern construction immersed in the Mediterranean vegetation, in proximity to striking cliffs and hospitable coves, is only ten…

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Hotel Luci del Faro
Price: 56 - 141 € per day and person
Locality: Calasetta

Description: The idea to built a hotel unique in its class, surrounded by an oasis of unequalled beauty, was born in 1991. The love and passion that the owners…

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Santa Maria Navarrese
Hotel Nicoletta
Price: 38 - 107 € per day and person
Locality: Santa Maria Navarrese

Description: Santa Maria Navarrese, a place between sky and sea. An oasis of peace in the emerald landscape of the East Coast. Its special fascination, privilege o…

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Hotel Pedraladda
Price: 48 - 200 € per day and person
Locality: Castelsardo

Description: Hotel Pedraladda is a 3-star hotel situated in a large natural bay, with panoramic views across the Gulf of Asinara (Sardinia).
It is only 50m fr…

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Hotel Residence Cardedu
Price: 14 - 123 € per day and person
Locality: Cardedu

Description: Charme, relax, comfort are only some of the features which describe Hotel Cardedu, an hotel situated in one of the most exclusive area of Sardinia in …

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Hotel Residence Sa Mola
Price: 42.5 - 102 € per day and person
Locality: Bonarcado

Description: HOTEL RESIDENCE ´SA MOLA´ is situated in a lovely rural village „Bonarcado” in the Oristano area of Sardinia. This village is at the foot of the Monti…

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Hotel San Trano
Price: 42 - 100 € per day and person
Locality: Luogosanto

Description: The Hotel is situated on the hill of MONTI JUANNI, immersed in a little forest of oak trees, overlooking the coast of Corsica, and the wonderful Gallu…

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Hotel Spartivento
Price: 70 - 210 € per day and person
Locality: Chia

Description: The hotel Spartivento is situated on the south coast of the island of Sardinia, ca. 50 km distant from the main town of Cagliari, in the well known to…

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Il Vecchio Mulino
Price: 45 - 270 € per day and accomodation
Locality: Arbatax

Description: Hotel “Il Vecchio Mulino”, the joy of spending a perfect holiday in elegant and friendly surrounding.
Immersed in a beautiful green Mediterranean…

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Santa Maria Navarrese
Santa Maria
Price: 40 - 110 € per day and person
Locality: Santa Maria Navarrese
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