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Hotel Alessandro

Hotel Alessandro - Pittulongu - Click for further information on the photo


Hotel Arbatasar - Arbatax - Click for further information on the photo

Baia Romantica

Hotel Baja Romantica - Bosa - Click for further information on the photo

El Faro

Hotel El Faro - Alghero - Click for further information on the photo


Hotel Pedraladda - Castelsardo - Click for further information on the photo

I Ciclopi

Hotel I Ciclopi - Sant Antioco - Click for further information on the photo

Punta Negra

Hotel Punta Negra - Alghero - Click for further information on the photo

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Sant´Antonio di Gallura
Aldiola Country Resort
Price: 59 - 169 € per day and person
Locality: Sant´Antonio di Gallura

Description: Aldiola Country Resort is a 4-star hotel in Sant `Antonio di Gallura, situated on the hills above the lake ´Lago del Lisca´.
The Country Resort p…

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Hotel Alessandro
Price: 49 - 140 € per day and person
Locality: Pittulongu

Description: Alessandro Hotel is located on a hill in the touristic area of Pittulongu where you can enjoy a fantastic view of the Gulf of Olbia.
The hotel co…

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Baia Sardinia
Hotel Club Li Graniti
Price: 54 - 184 € per day and person
Locality: Baia Sardinia

Description: Immersed into the warm colors of the pink granite and the sweet parfum of the mediteranean macchia´, inmidst a oasis of silence and relax, you will fi…

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Golfo Aranci
Hotel Gabbiano Azzurro
Price: 105 - 286 € per day and person
Locality: Golfo Aranci

Description: Hotel Gabbiano Azzurro
The hotel is situated in a charming, natural scenario of the famous Gulf of Aranci (Golfo degli Aranci), which you can f…

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San Pantaleo
Hotel Rocce Sarde
Price: 75 - 202 € per day and person
Locality: San Pantaleo

Description: Hotel Rocce Sarde has its premier position atop a small hill in the Sardinian woodland overlooking the magical gulf of Cugnana makes Rocce Sard…

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Hotel San Trano
Price: 42 - 100 € per day and person
Locality: Luogosanto

Description: The Hotel is situated on the hill of MONTI JUANNI, immersed in a little forest of oak trees, overlooking the coast of Corsica, and the wonderful Gallu…

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Hotel San Trano
Locality: Arzachena
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Porto Taverna
Relais Fenicottero Rosa
Price: 30 - 210 € per day and person
Locality: Porto Taverna

Description: The nice Relais is just a few minutes away from the wonderfull sand beach of Porto Taverna and from the tourist centre of Porto San Paolo, with its co…

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