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Corsi cucina - Kochkurse - Cooking courses

Ouvert de 1/1 à 31/12 - Cliquez ici pour prix & périodes

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pasta fatta in casa

Quartu Sant Elena

de 1/1 à 31/12

pasta fatta in casacorsi cucinapasta fatta in casapomodoripreparazione salsa pomodoripasta fatta in casaRisotto con cozzeMisto pescecarpaccio
Galletto con verdurecasacasacasa

Gastronomic holiday: Sardinian specialties, swimming pool and relax - a culinary break, which gives the opportunity for our guests to enjoy the delicacies of our cuisine of Sardinia.
And simply learn and actively participate as they are prepared.
The cuisine, smells, tastes bring you into the mysterious world of the Sardinian recipes.
We show how the Sardinian spaetzle (Spizzulus), noodles and ravioli with flour from the ancient durum wheat ´Senatore Cappelli´ wil be done..
´Senatore Cappelli´ is an ´ancient type of grain´ that has never experienced agricultural changes, selection techniques or genetic modifications.
On fire grilled meats or stews have a special tradition, together with the infinite variety of the four seasons offer a wide range of recipes.
The meat of Sardinia, has the reputation for taste and authenticity, enjoy this and learn how to do.
The fishing of the local marine inspired our local dishes and recipes for hot and cold appetizers and entrees.
Seafood, shellfish and crustaceans and many kinds of fish, just pure of our local fisheries, a freshness of the sea.
Not only an opportunity to spend some time together, but also to enter into the culture and traditions of Sardinia, all to experience and to reveal.
Live to know the virtues of wine and get to in touch to our country and partecipate actively in the preparation of these lovley experience.
And between a court and the other you have the option to enjoy a break and relax beside or in the private swimming pool.
The view over the Gulf of Cagliari, and the mountains of the south of Sardinia, located in a typical rural environment.
Languages: Italian, English, German.
Sardinian cooking classes with homemade recipes are organized throughout the year:
Duration: 3 - 5 hours per day - lunch or dinner (it will be eaten, while cooking).
Cost: Cooking Class + lunch or dinner = € 69,00 per person per day .
Sojourn: For those who are looking for a place to stay, we offer our 4 star hotel for the price:
€ 48.00 = night and half board per person in double room (from 01 September to 30 June).
€ 38.00 = bed and great breakfast buffet per person, in double room (from 01 September to 30 June).

Recommendé de - Chef ´Spizzulus´
- Miss ´Tagliatelle´
- Maestro ´Burrida´
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