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Sassari is the second city for importance, politics and inhabitants (about 120000) in Sardinia. It is situated in the northern part, on a large calcareous tableland and its economy is mosty based on the tertiary sector.
This area has been inhabited since the Neolitic age and it was quite populated during the Roman Conquest, when the colony of Turris Libisonis (Porto Torres) was at the height of its glory; but it is in I 131 that the name of Sassari is quoted for the first time in an official register.
The city was founded by the people that left Turris Libisonis, in order escape from the barbarian raids.At the beginning of the XIII century, under the administration of the Judges of Torres, Sassari went through a period of rapid growth, and it became a point of referente for the contacts with Genova and the italian peninsula.Then it passed into the Pisan’s hands and, after the battle of Meloria, under Genova domination; in this years some city statutes were issued.
Even under the Aragonese government the city kept on growing, while, in 1527, it was conquered by a French expedition, but only for a short time. In the XVIII century it passed under the Austriac domination, until 1720, when, under the Savoy, it became pa-t of the Sardinian-Piemontese Reign.
From 1793 to 1802 Sassari had been the centre of the
antifeudal revolts. In 1855, because of a cholera epidemie, the walls of the city had been knocked down.

Turistic information
Ente Provinciale per il Turismo
Viale Caprera, 36 tel. 0789/299544
Azienda Autonoma di Soggiorno e Turismo
Via Roma, 62 tel. 0789/231777
Ufficio Postale
Sede Centrale Via Brigata Sassari
tel. 079/235070

Banco Di Sardegna Piazza Castello tel. 079/226000
Banca D’ltalia Via C. Felice, 2 tel. 079/2744 12
Banca di Sassari Viale Italia, I tel. 079/200385
Carige Via Roma, tel. 079/2829009
Banca Nazionale del Lavoro Piazza D’Italia, 35 tel.0791224600
Cariplo Via P. Paoli tel. 079/237820
Monte dei Paschi Di Siena Via C.Alberto, 7 tel. 079/233071
San Paolo Via Dei Mille, 74 tel. 079/214359

Laneri Via Romangia, 20 tel. 079/241489
Matzeu Via Togliatti tel. 079/ 273372
Manca Viale Dante, 25 tel. 079/274 163
Manunta Via Gorizia, I tel. 079/29 I 57 I
Marchi Via Amendola, 53 tel. 079/231665
Masala Via Forlanini, 33 tel.079/28094 I
Merella Viale Trento, 8 tel. 079/291068
Talu Via Napoli, 6 tel. 079/27236 I
San Paolo Via Besta, 4 tel. 079/273347
Simon Via B.Sassari, 2 tel. 079/231144
Sigurani Piazza Santa Maria tel. 079/235755

Cinema e Theatre
Ariston Viale Trento, 5 tel. 079/29 I 273
Moderno Viale Umberto 1, 18 tel. 079/236754
Nuovo Astra C. M. Di Savoia, 2 tel. 079/232647
Quattro Colonne C. Vittorio Emanuele, 62 tel. 079/239369
Verdi Via Politeama, tel. 079/239479
Civico C. Vittorio Emanuele

Museo Archeologico Etnografico Sanna
Via Roma, 64 tel. 079/272203
Museo Storico della Brigata Sassari
Piazza Castello, 9 tel. 079/234252.

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