Flumini di Quartu Sardinien

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Flumini di Quartu
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Flumini di Quartu - Strand
Flumini di Quartu - Strand   
Flumini di Quartu is distant 7 km from Cagliari, 2 km from the beach. Going along the coastal road to Villasimius, distant 35Km, appear numerous creeks and very white beaches as the famous “Mari Pintau”, “Torre delle Stelle”, “Geremeas”, “Porto sa Ruxi” and many others
Flumini di Quartu is part of Quartu S. Elena. Quartu S. Elena has ancient Phoenician and Roman origins and vaunts authentic folkloric and religious traditions. On its territory has the remains of 25 nuraghe and other archaelogical ruins attesting to the succession aof various epoches: Phoenician, Roman, and Vandal tombs and 17th century watchtowers built along the 35 kilometers of seashore.
An important site to visit is the famous Sa Dom´e Ferra Home-Museum, an ancient Campidano home with an open gallery. Other interesting sites are the San Pietro di Ponte Church, the Santa Maria Cepola Curch, and the San Efisio Church.
Along the panoramic road for Villasimius, from the coast of the Regina Bay with the Spanish Tower to Capo Boi, one can admire the stupendous Gulf of Carbonara.
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