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  • Ort: Monti
  • LAGE:
    Monti, ein Ort im Norden Sardiniens ca. 20 km von Olbia entfernt.
Monti is a village in the centre of Gallura, at about 20 km from Olbia, between the mountains of Alà and the Limbara chain of mountains. It is territory, that geologists call the "corridor of Monti", is an important crossroads between the Gallura, Logudoro and Barbagia. It is well-known in Sardinia for its wine: the "Vermentino di Gallura". It is easily reached from Olbia in a few minutes and you can also get to Monti by train or bus. Its vineyards together with its oak-groves, are the main characteristic of the village of Monti.
In the south of Monti there are the mountains, with the natural park of Monte Olia. Here visitors can admire groves, lakes, sources and also the sardish cervus and muflon. The sojourn in Monti is ideal for those that don't want to renunce to the sea (reachable in about 15 minutes) and want to enjoy the peace and relaxing athmosphere of a hilly village
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