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Carloforte - Insel San Pietro
Carloforte - Insel San PietroCarloforte - HafenCarloforte - Hafen 
Carloforte Karte
Carloforte the only town of the island of St. Peter, host since 1783 of a community of ligurian origin comes from the african island of Tabarka, (Tunisia) for the will of king Emanuele III of Sardinia.
The initial life of the colony was afflicted not only by the difficult environment, but also by the sad events that followed the beginning moments of enthusiasm.
The French invasion of 1793, of which remains the memory of a severed arm of the statue erected for the recognition of the king by the tabarkini, and the incursion on the 3rd of september, 1798, by the tunisian pirates during which more than 800 tabarkini were inslaved, are indelible pages in the history of these people.
Testimony of the past rests the church of the Novelli Innocenti, built in the second half of the XIII century, the tower of St. Vittorio (trasformed in 1899 into an astrnomic observatory), the fort of Carlo Emanuele (which at present is a museum), and the initial pieces of the fort walls built in 1806 to protact the town. Carloforte (alt.10 m.), half way along the eastern coast of its island, is at the moment its only village, a picturesque pretty little town, spreading in front of its harbour, along the lively and treelined Via Roma with the statue of Carlo Emanuele II (1788) the founder of the town.
At its southern end, near the "Saline" (=salt-ponds), there is the Torre di S. Vittorio, site of an important observatory. There is also a splendid view from its high walls. The population lives on the sea-trade, the fishing (especially of lobsters and tuna fish), and the local mining activity and handicrafts.
The beauty and originality of these places, together with an incredible mild climate are rapidly creating an expansion of the tourist industry.
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