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Costa Smeralda
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Cala di Volpe
Cala di Volpe 
The Costa Smeralda connects geographical the part of the galluric coast, which extends from Cugnana to Cannigione. A untouched terestal terrain, where a group of turism invetors knew how to realize the structures, which still respect the natural characture. The jagged coast, a mix of bays and promontories, little islands, which arise from the sea, red rocks and white sandy beaches in a smaragdblue coloured cristal water.
It was discovered in 1960 by his Highness Karim Aga Khan, who together with other landlords founded the Assiociation "Consorzio Costa Smeralda" two years later. The association had to develope respecting the nature and to manage the whole area.
The results are excellent 55 km of coastline, 80 beaches and bays and a world wide known landmark of Sardinia, oviously a little VIP and jet set life arround. This you recognize overall in the summer period, not only by the high price level, but also on the water and in the air, big white luxery yachts and private jets which are waiting for their owners for the return or some cruises arround.
Services & Equipment
    • Boat rental
    • Clothing store
    • Diving center
    • Jeweler
    • Travel agency

EAT & DRINK You’ll find numerous and famous restaurants and pizzerias in the surroundings.

LEISURE & ENTERTAINMENT Discos, night bars, piano bars:
Ritual, Baja Sardinia, 0789 99032
Casablanca, Baja Sardinia, 0789 99006
Sopravento, Porto Cervo, 0789 94717
Sottovento, Porto Cervo, 0789 92443
Billionaire, Porto Cervo, 0789 94192
Smaila's, Poltu Quatu , 0789 99251
Mama Orsa, Poltu Quatu, 0789 99462
Pepero club, Pevero, 0789 94434
El Pelote, Santa Teresina, 0789 98698