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Tempio Pausania
Tempio Pausania   
The place Tempio is located in the heart of the historic region of Gallura, at the foot of Mount Limbara "(mountain peak Limbara).
Tempio is a city with approximately 14,200 inhabitants in the province of Olbia-Tempio, Olbia is the provincial capital.
Tempio is known for the "Carrasciali Timpiesu" (Italian: "Il Carnevale di Tempio" translates to "The Carnival of Tempio")
. "Carrasciali" comes from the Sardinian word "Carrascialoni" (Italian: "La Pentolaccia"), an old Italian popular game where people hanging old pots filled with chestnuts, sweets, water and ash.
These people had a "Carra" (Italian: stàio, translated "bushel") will be beaten in order to get at its contents.
In Tempio in contrast of the faith of the population according to the pots, chains and metal vessels were pulled through the village on the street floor.
This to generate noise and tumult, as both of the belief produce a good spirit.
"La Pentolaccia" are the last three days of carnival, which began with the "Li tre crazy". (Italian: I tre Re, L´Epiphany, meaning "Three Kings").
This festival is celebrated with a parade consisting of carts and carriages.
The carnival figures (HES) of the Tempio are the "Mamuthones" an animal form and image of the "Wild Man" with wooden masks, fur and bells.
Coming therefore, that the evil spirit in order to appease the living people, embodied human or the figure of an animal.
All in all, today a beautiful festival in which an average attendance of 20,000 visitors a day is counted.
The surroundings and landsapes of Tempio are a natural landscape which is rich in lakes, springs, and vegetation.
The nature park "Limbara," the valley "Valle della Luna" (Translated: The Valley of the Moon) and many places within are examples of this.
Charming coastal towns of the Costa Smeralda, Castelsardo Bishins round out the wealth of attractions.
The area of the ancient Tempio Pausanias tells a story that shows their roots since the Neolithic period through the megalithic circles.
Dolmen and Nuraghe in this area are still well preserved and can be visited today.
Of great archaeological interest is the Nuraghe "Majori" and "Izzana" one of the most interesting and best preserved Nuraghe of Gallura.
The Nuraghe are located in the picturesque valley of the moon and on a little plateau at the Rio Turrali.
The area around Tempio is very important for the extraction and processing of cork and granite.
The old town of Tempio, is a typical architecture in which the domestic buildings are marked by granite blocks.
Very similar to the villages of the southern Corsica.
Tempio is rich in spring water, and produce one of the best mineral water in Sardinia, it is also well known for its water quality for the thermal baths of Tempio.


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