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NuchisNuchisNuchisNuchis - Landscape
Nuchis - cepNuchis - Landscape  
Arrived for the first time at Nuchis, you`ll be pleasantly surprised: clean and tidy, Nuchis is a typical village of the Gallura and reveals an extraordinary aesthetic.
In the narrow streets of the small village with only 400 inhabitants, astonished visitors to the rich variety of flower boxes and flower vases that are issued by the homeowners.
This looks more like a typical village in Corsica, and is rarely seen in Sardinia.
A contrast of the colors of the flowers, to the granite-built stone houses.
It is said that the residents of Nuchis place great value on these flowers, and this is reflected in the way of life and the nature of the people to its guests again.
The village lies on a small hill and thus enjoys a view over the beautiful landscape features and the well-known and high-altitude mountain "Limbara".
At about 500 meters above sea level, surrounded by dense deep green cork oak trees, the value of this area of the Gallura.
The water sources "Rinaggiu", on the slopes of the nearby mountain range "Limbara" dine located, serves the area with spring water, which has excellent properties.
The source "Rinaggiu" in the summer, a local meeting place for people from Tempio want to spend hours of relaxation there.
But even long walks in the woods of "Limbara", which are rich in centuries-old trees and many medicinal plants, offering visitors an abundance of nature.
Mediterranean flora, rich in wild mushrooms, the distinctive wildlife, the Valley of the Moon (Valle della Luna), equipped with an enormous number of impressive rock scenes.
Witness remnants of glaciers and modeled, and the archaeological site of Luras give the visitors to the area to feel good enough reason.
The village was founded around the millennium. Nuchis has five churches in town, this points to an important past.
The church of Santa Croce, from the seventeenth century, has a fašade with a bell tower outside, which looks like a sail.
The church of Santo Spirito (Holy Spirit), from the thirteenth century, is built of exposed granite blocks and is home to two precious wooden crucifix from the 17th Century and a painting by Giovanni Marghinotti with the representation of perfect Pentecost (Whitsun) from the late nineteenth century.
Near the parish church of Santo Spirito is the church of Santi Cosma e Damiano (Saints Cosmas and Damian), it is entirely built of granite with the cantons.
It was built in 1529 and decorated with frescoes.
The church of San Salvatore, built in 1891.
Around Nuchis can visit the Tombe dei Giganti "Pascaredda", there are ancient graves from the nuraghic period.
Moreover Nuchis has also nuragic site "Agnu", and the sacred spring "Li Padadini".
This source is built of granite blocks and the inside is still active.
Nuchis lies on an ancient Roman road, they say that this place is so important was that the Romans pitched a camp nearby.
Today, the station of the Trenino Verde (Traditional and narrow gauge railway) is a major stopping point.
The most interesting railway line of Sardinia connecting Sassari and Palau.
And many visitors make a stop here just to follow the tasting with gourmet recipes of the Gallura.
Very interesting is a visit to the research center of the cork, which is located in the historical museum in Tempio Pausania.
The exhibition includes a panorama of the history of the cork, which goes back to the story of the 9th centuries.
Extraction, processing technology in ancient, up to the modern-day processing.
Cork oak trees are a big part of the local manufacturing and processing industries.
Even a special manufacture of textiles from Cork is located here.
"Suberis" is the name of this textiles and it is today world famous. It was invented and developed by the fashion designer Anna Grindi.
Nuchis is a small village, but its strategic location, and allows in just a few minutes to explore the entire northern part of Sardinia.
Castelsardo, Valledoria with its hot springs, the beach of Badesi, Isola Rossa, Costa Paradiso, Santa Teresa di Gallura and Costa Smeralda are just a few examples along the coast.
Inland we have the mountain ranges that rise up to 1400 meters.
Tours by jeep, quad, motorcycle make the area very interesting.
Seasonal comes to the abundance of mushrooms, and for the friends of the hunt, the area is very interesting.

39 km from Olbia
59 km from Santa Teresa di Gallura
75 km from Sassari
83 km from Porto Torres
106 km from Alghero

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