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Villanova Monteleone
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Villanova Monteleone
Villanova MonteleoneValle di Villanova MonteleoneSpiaggia PoglinaSpiaggia Poglina
S`ena TundaS`ena TundaVista mare e montagnaParco archeologico Nuraghe Appiu

The visitors of Villanova Monteleone climbs practically promising and extremely curvy roads to the village in about 570 meters of altitude.
A haven of curves for motorcyclists that takes place within a scenario of a crystal-clear blue sea, a gorgeous coastline and impressive mountains.
There are certainly memorable moments that get stuck on this visit and stay.
It´s part of Sardinia, the written in words will appear inconspicuous, almost virginal and absolute natural.
Its environment is marked by dense evergreen and cork oak forests, vast grazing areas are the spaces between them.
In almost every corner you can enjoy an almost heavenly view, an uplifting sense of space all round.
Sometimes you can from here look even Corsica, the landscape section of "La Nurra" with his city Alghero appear far down in the valley like a small village, Capo Caccia, the mountains of Stintino, the level of Porto Torres are in the northern part of the horizon.
By contrast the south the view extends situated on the Cape Maràgiu, above Bosa.
An all-glass clear day you can see from here, even down to the "Sinis" area.
In the immediate area in the valley of Villanova Monteleone twinkles the large and nearly 7 km long lake "Monteleone", which feeds the river "Temo" and ends in the sea in Bosa Marina.
The lake is rich in freshwater fish and is surrounded by mountain peaks "Monte Minerva", "Monteleone Rocca Doria", "Monte Deu" and "Monte Tetti".
A world apart, but located not far from the West Coast.
Through a direct link road to get quickly to the coast with its magnificent sandy bay "Spiaggia della Speranza" (The beach of hope) and also called the "Spiaggia di Poglina".
Romantically situated, and with his small restaurant and bar a great place to enjoy the sea side.
The village of Villanova Monteleone itself has about 2500 inhabitants, a small place in the unfolding of everyday life and typical of a mountain village.
The inhabitants, or the Elders are happy to sit on the church square and watch the bustle and the passing cars and movements.
A cold beer "Ichnusa" rounds off the watch at the central bar from yet.
The houses of the village are assembled in the typical style of a mountain village, closed together and several floors, the center of the village is the street scene.
Its side streets are partially paved with natural stone.
The town itself is lively, its population is receptive and open.
Everyone here still greets everyone, a small-talk among the neighbors or local residents can not be avoided taking a walk through the village.
All in all, a place where the world still seems in order.
The radius of Villanova Monteleone is by its nature a ticket for various sporting activities.
To the Mountain bikers the area of Villanova offers about 120 km network.
The paragliding spot or Flyzone "La Siesta" is located just a few chilometers north of Villanova, situated on an area about 400 meters of altitude, which invites you to a most spectacular flight in Sardinia.
Wind conditions and wind directions here are ideal for hours of flights, with a planned landing on the beach.
The Freeclimber Spot "Placche di Peyer" (rock slabs from Peyer, named after the Swiss Johann Conrad Peyer) is in the neighboring village of Monteleone, it is an approximately 100 meters long track, solid and compact limestone with the difficulty of 5a and 6a.
The rise are secured by fixed points and bolts, chains are located on the stand.
Nature lovers will find in the mountain area of "Minerva" is an ideal area for hiking, birdwatching and Mediterranean botanical exploration.
Our mushrooming fans feel right at home here, and the hunters for a successful hunting experience.
Beautiful and extensive trips and rides on horseback are offered and performed by a stable.
Visits to the local dairy and cheese production are organized, a "Tasting" of good smoked sheep´s milk cheese from Villanova completes the visit.
From here Motorbike tours are also organized through the landscapes of the north west of Sardinia, "La Nurra", "Anglona", "Logudoro", "Campeda" and its coastal areas.
Villanova Monteleone is thus a good starting area for a relaxing, sporting and adventurous vacation.
This for an absolutely reasonable price and good hospitality, without the tourist hype, really enjoying Sardinia, and good local cuisine and a few kilometers away from the typical tourist centers and a lovley beach.

Beach - a few minutes by car
Alghero - 24 km
Bosa - 38 km
Porto Torres - 57 km
Olbia - 130 km
Cagliari - 200 km

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