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It in the Oristano province, both on the coast and inland, that the real sardinia can be found; it has remained unchanged throughout the centuries, with its unbroken traditions and immaculate coastlines, still unspoilt by huge crowds, superflous roads and concrete.
A variety of exciting and unexpected experiences await visitors who are willing to venture from town to town, climb up to the region of the Ferru Mountains among woods and springs, sink into the white sand-dunes of Sinis, cross the flatlands of Campidano (the small sardinian version of the Padana Plain) and then head inland once more directed to the shores of Lake Omodeo.
The people of Oristano see themselves, perhaps a bit too proudly, as representing the island's heart, and not just geographically.
At the same time, Sardinia as a whole has recently begun the process of rediscovering its ancient role as a cultural and commercial crossroad within the Mediterranean.
This role is demonstrated by the many historical landmarks leading us through time, from ancient sacred wells, steles, stone images and nuraghes, through the centuries to Tharros, a Punic and Roman town, then onward to the more recent medieval and Aragonese settlements.
Nearby Oristano, southwards, there is the Santa Giusta pond, one of the most abounding in fish in Sardinia; To the north of Oristano gulf there is Marina di Torregrande, the city's shore, provided with a well equipped tourist port.
Beaches: Spiagge: Santa Caterina di Pittinurri, Is Arenas, Putzu Idu, Is Arutas, San Giovanni di Sinis, Torregrande: all towards Cuglieri.
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