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Arborea - Town Hall
Arborea - Town HallBeach - Ala Birdi  
Arborea Map
The area of Arborea was once a time a fenland until it was changed by enormous drainage and canalisation works in the years around 1920 today, from there on the area was built up to a very important agriculture area with its large farms and an important production of milk and meat products.
The Arborea area is not very developed in the tourism sector but offers its guests a good choice of sojourn and natural events, nearly 150 types of rare birds have their home here in this area which is covered by a large forest. Also protecting the Arborea area from the sometimes strong Mistral wind coming from the north west to the coast side.
The sport friends and horse riders are welcome in one of the most equipped holiday resorts of Sardinia, here in this area you can ride out with the horses and practise the horse sport very well. The resort has a quality level with international standard.
In the surroundings of Arborea are several locations which can be visited very easy.
Services & Equipment
    • Gas station
    • Hardware store
    • Pastry shop

SPORT Horse riding