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Bosa Map
Along the main road n. 292 we reach Bosa (alt. 10 m.) a small town on the left bank of the river Temo, in a pleasant valley contrasting with the stern encircling chain of mountains looming in the background, to the North.
Thanks to the fertility of its soil and its good position, this town has been inhabitated since the most ancient times.
Its plan is fairly regular: part of the old town is on the slope of a hill dominated by the Castello di Serravalle, while the modern district stretches with its avenues and squares towards the sea. The ancient town of Bosa is vaguely mentioned by Ptolemy, in the itineraries. It is of pre-Carthaginian and long before that, in the countryside of Bosa and in the valley of the river Temo, there were Nuragic buildings and prehistoric tombs.
Bosa is famous for its lace, the making of which used to absorb the talent of most of the female population.
Other riches of the area are figs, artichokes and Malvasia wine.
It is worth visiting the small church of S. Antonio, dating from the XVth century, a local adaptation of the aragonese-Gothic style. We cross the bridge on the river Temo (lovely view over the river) and, on the other bank, we can admire the Cathedral with its small picturesque domes and the sturdy bell-tower.
From there starts Corso Vittorio Emanuele the main street of Bosa, lined with high houses with lovely balconies. Going down the Corso, we get to the small church of the Rosario, with the big clock and the characteristic small belfry. We go past Piazza Umberto I with its marble fountain and reach the wide tree-lined square with flower-beds where the War Memorial is.
It is well worth going to see the Castello di Serravalle, built in 1112 by the Malaspina family according to some, in 1121 according to others: the remains consist of the boundary wall and towers.
A lovely walk (about 2 km) is the one to S. Pietro Extramuros (alt. 14 m.) along the secondary road ("carrozzabile") which goes from the church of S. Antonio up the bank of the river Temo. This church is in a picturesque corner by the river and it bears in its present structure the mark of a long building process which took place between the year 1073 and the first half of the XIIIth century, in three distinct phases. Another excursion is the one to the beach of Bosa Marina.
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LA PULCE ROSSA 0785 375657
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