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Torre dei Corsari
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Torre dei CorsariTorre dei CorsariTorre dei Corsari
Torre dei CorsariTorre dei CorsariTorre dei CorsariTorre dei Corsari
Torre dei CorsariTorre dei Corsari  
Torre dei Corsari (translated: The Tower of pirates) is located directly on the central west coast of Sardinia the Costa Verde, its name comes from the watchtower / observation tower of the Corsairs.
This stretch of coastline (Costa Verde: 50 km long) is certainly one of the most peculiar coasts of the West Coast.
Normally, the west coast is marked by rough sea and rocky coasts, whereas here we have drawn a coastal strip of sand dunes.
These sand dunes are quiet unknown as one of the largest dunes in Europe, due to its height of 60 m and its great extension.
The uniqueness of the sand dunes in addition to the fine sand, its color from a soft yellow, pass through a pastel-colored beige in a pink color.
The play of the sun light, can then influence them even in color.
The sea here is a spectacle of color and purity of the water, in the mirror of the hills of the interior landscape, which shows a rich, lush, green and typical vegetation.
This consists mainly of Lentischio (mastic tree), Ginestra (broom shrub), Corbezzolo (arbutus unedo, strawberry tree) and Ginepro (juniper).
The fragrance of the flora is particularly pronounced in every season and impresses the visitors.
This is in contrast to the peaks of "Arburese" which go up to 1200 meters, and rather scarce, but stand out brilliantly in the bright blue sky.
Lets say in a few words: pure nature or nature pure!
"No mass tourism" is the award of this area, which has at its northern extent of the Capo Frasca (translated Latin for "Frasca": branch / label).
The provenance or background of the name Capo Frasca is to explain "protruding from the mainland by a suppository form.
In the south, however, is the Capo Pecora (Pecora translated: sheep) the conclusion of the Costa Verde.
Many witnesses to mining stand today as monuments in the area, in its beginnings the Phoenicians were already working here as miners.
Torre dei Corsari is characterized by its geographic location and ideal condition for a relaxing holiday.
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