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The beach of Badesi Mare
The beach of Badesi MareBeach of Badesi MareThe beach of Badesi MareThe beach of Badesi Mare
Badesi MareBadesi MareBadesi MareBadesi Mare
Badesi MareBadesi MareBadesi Mare - View on Isola Rossa (Red Island)Badesi - village and panorama of the coastal landscape
  • Locality: Badesi
    Badesi is situated in the North of Sardinia, distant ca. 75 km from Alghero, ca. 50 km from Porto Torres, ca. 75 km from Olbia and ca. 240 km from Cagliari.
The nice village Badesi is situated in the North of Sardinia in the Gallura area and there are living today ca. 1800 people, who work mainly in the farming, commercial, handy craft and today also in the tourism sector. The village is surrounded by a lovely landscape, unchangeable red coloured granite united with the crystal clear and uncontaminated sea. The dunes with the fine golden coloured sand, the wide sandy beach of Badesi Marina are a brand of this area.

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Sapori di Gallura - Tel.:
La Multa Bianca - Tel.: 079 683007