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Viddalba - S. Giovanni
Viddalba - S. GiovanniViddalba - CoghinasNatural Spas of Casteldoria - called or named Li Caldani - in the river Coghinas 
  • Locality: Viddalba
    Viddalba is situated in the North of Sardinia. Distances in km: Porto Torres 40, Alghero 70, Olbia 75.
  • Special: Natural thermal bath "Li Caldani" in the river "Coghinas".
Map Viddalba
Viddalba , a town with about 2,000 inhabitants, it lies in the region of Gallura and Sassari in the fertile plain of the river Coghinas about 25 meters above sea level.
Its area is surrounded by the peaks "Punta Salici" (911 m), "Monte Ruiu" (600 m), "Monte San Gavino" (800 m).
The area around Viddalba has represented an area of 4970 hectares, of which only 110 hectares of lowlands, the rest is a beautiful, hilly landscape.

A holiday in Viddalba means the discovery of the virtues of the river Coghinas, known for its waters, which have in some river sections a higher water temperature.
They are especially suitable for thermal applications.
In several points along the river, hot springs are bubbling out of the sand, bromine and iodine salt, the natural treasure of the Baths of "Castel Doria".
The natural sources are called by the locals "Li Caldani" (Calda = hot, Li Caldani = The Hot or Hot Maker).
It consists of very hot water that reaches up to 70 ░ Celsius.
The use and treatment in these water sources with their vapours offers a healing and recovery after a respiratory illness.
The banks of the river are also rich in silt and mud.

Those who like history and archaeology, can enjoy the wonderful view of the old castle "Castello dei Doria" (Castle of the Dorian).
It was founded in the twelfth century and was then restored by King Peter of Aragon.
One can also visit the Archaeological Museum of Viddalba dedicated as a witness to the archaeological area around Viddalba, from the Neolithic Age to the Middle Ages, and the significant traces of the Roman presence.
Also not miss out a visit to the various rural churches of the area.
Including the church of "San Gavino a Monte", overlooking the Gulf of Asinara from an altitude of 800 m.
Interesting also the church of "San Giovanni" from the Roman period, and the "Parco Archeologico Naturalistico"(Archaeological Nature Park).

Trekking enthusiasts can follow trails along the "Monte Ruiu" (peak Ruiu).
There are also twenty climbing routes and trails equipped with hooks, where can enjoy our climbers to reach the summits of peaks in the area.

Another good trip by foot or by horse along the mountain "San Gavino" (800 m).
The local people say: its a gym for paragliding and free climbing, where you can admire during training the beauty of the area.
Passing by the places through of the "Muto di Gallura" (The deaf-mute of Gallura), which have been made legendary by him.
He was a deaf-mute bandit in the Gallura during the 18th Century, who did his worst.
These enterprises of the bandit are according to the historian "E. Costa" today still alive in these places.
The house of the "Amata Gavina" (The Beloved Gavin), the church of "San Gavino" (St. Gavino), and the old houses and paths from the small village of L┤Avru.

The river "Coghinas", is even during the year popular for its abundance of fish in carp, bass, perch, tench, mullet and eel.
There are many sports to practise along to the river "Coghinas", like canoeing to the river mouth, walk along the river banks, riding by horse or bicycle.
At the riverside a large bird population is present, moorhens, coots and the beautiful herons.
No shortage of rare plant species, such as the Holy Herb, sea daffodil (sea lily), Ephedra (Joint-pine) and Anchusa (Borage).

Slightly more than 10-11 km away you can visit the coast with the "Baia delle Mimosa" (bay with sand dunes) in Badesi, or the beaches of "La Muddizza", "San Pietro", "Maragnani" and "La Caccia".
This coastal strip of the municipality of Valle Doria.
Besides Viddalba about 18 km north from the village of Isola Rossa (Red Island), with its unique circumstances and beaches.
In about 19 km to reach the place "Castelsardo", with its historic old town.

Population: 1,710
Area: 49.44 square kilometers
Town Hall: Via G. M. Angioy - Tel 079 5808000
Postal code: 07 030
First Aid Station (Perfugas) - 079 56 434
Library: Via GM Angioy, 5 - 079 5808010
City police: Via GM Angioy, 5 - 079 5808062
Post: Via Gramsci, 144 - 079 580 441

Via Quarto, 4-07030 Viddalba (SS), 079 670 613

Adjacent communities VIDDALBA
Badesi, Valledoria Bortigiadas, Santa Maria Coghinas, Aggius, TrinitÓ D┤Agultu and Vignola
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