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Hotel Albaruja - Costa Rei - Click for further information on the photo

Alba Dorata

Hotel Alba Dorata - Orosei - Click for further information on the photo

Marina Beach

Hotel Marina Beach - Orosei - Click for further information on the photo

Hotel da Cesare

Hotel Da Cesare - Putzu Idu - Click for further information on the photo

Cala Verde

Residence Cala Verde - Pula - Click for further information on the photo


Hotel Cardedu - Click for further information on the photo

Lu Incantu

Residence Lu Incantu - Golfo Aranci

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Residence Borgo degli Ulivi
Price: 70 - 295 € per day and accomodation
Locality: Arbatax

Description: The residence Borgo degli Ulivi is situated in Arbatax.
A village at the middle east coast of Sardinia, very closed to the harbour and a few minu…

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Alba Dorata Resort
Price: 60 - 238 € per day and person
Locality: Cala Liberotto (Orosei)

Description: Alba Dorata Resort - On the hill, rising above the enchanting bay of Sas Linnas Siccas (part of Cala Liberotto at the gulf of Orosei) an…

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Alba Dorata Resort
Price: 250 - 1665 € per week and accomodation
Locality: Cala Liberotto (Orosei)

Description: Alba Dorata: on the hill, rising above the enchanting bay of Sas Linnas Siccas (part of Cala Liberotto at the gulf of Orosei) and in one of the…

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Club Hotel Marina Beach
Price: 85 - 280 € per day and person
Locality: Orosei

Description: Hotel complex situated at the Gulf of Orosei, only 100 m distance to one of the nicest and uncontaminated beaches “Su Barone” that stretches ou…

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Grande Baia Resort
Price: 128.8 - 410 € per day and accomodation
Locality: San Teodoro

Description: ´Grande Baia Residence´ is situated just few kilometers from San Teodoro, in the locality ´Monte Petrosu´, on an enchanting bay with fine sand.

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Hotel Arbatasar
Price: 50 - 204 € per day and person
Locality: Arbatax

Description: Hotel Arbatasar
Arbatasar is a four-star hotel in the centre of Arbatax, near the tourist harbour.It is open year-round and has 45 double rooms.<…

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Hotel La Torre
Price: 68 - 212.5 € per day and person
Locality: Barisardo

Description: Only 2 miles from the centre of Barisardo, at Torre di Bari, the Hotel La Torre offers to its guests a wonderful beach and an elegant and comfortable …

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Hotel Nicoletta
Price: 38 - 107 € per day and person
Locality: Santa Maria Navarrese

Description: Santa Maria Navarrese, a place between sky and sea. An oasis of peace in the emerald landscape of the East Coast. Its special fascination, privilege o…

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Hotel Residence Cardedu
Price: 14 - 123 € per day and person
Locality: Cardedu

Description: Charme, relax, comfort are only some of the features which describe Hotel Cardedu, an hotel situated in one of the most exclusive area of Sardinia in …

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Il Vecchio Mulino
Price: 45 - 270 € per day and accomodation
Locality: Arbatax

Description: Hotel “Il Vecchio Mulino”, the joy of spending a perfect holiday in elegant and friendly surrounding.
Immersed in a beautiful green Mediterranean…

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Liscia Eldi
Price: 64 - 299 € per day and accomodation
Locality: San Teodoro

Description: The Resort ´LISCIA ELDI´ is located in a green valley (place from which takes the name Liscia Eldi).
It is only 250 meters from the beach and 1.5…

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