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Hotel Albaruja - Costa Rei - Click for further information on the photo

Alba Dorata

Hotel Alba Dorata - Orosei - Click for further information on the photo

Marina Beach

Hotel Marina Beach - Orosei - Click for further information on the photo

Hotel da Cesare

Hotel Da Cesare - Putzu Idu - Click for further information on the photo

Cala Verde

Residence Cala Verde - Pula - Click for further information on the photo


Hotel Cardedu - Click for further information on the photo

Lu Incantu

Residence Lu Incantu - Golfo Aranci

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Casa Teresa 1 (SG0230)
Price: 42 - 128 € per day and accomodation
Locality: Funtana Meiga

Description: Holiday home in the first row of houses facing the sea in Funtana Meiga, distance to the beach about 50 m.
The apartment has a large living room …

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Country Hotel Mandra Edera
Price: 81 - 166 € per day and person
Locality: Abbasanta

Description: At its beginning the Country Hotel was named ´Il Dominariu Mandra Edera´, it is situated in the area of Abbasanta, only a few kilometres distan…

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Hotel Da Cesare
Price: 58 - 280 € per day and accomodation
Locality: Putzu Idu

Description: Hotel Da Cesare - The hotel is positioned directly at the wonderful beach of the Marina di San Vero Milis in the little village Putzu Idu.

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Hotel La Baja
Price: 30 - 360 € per day and accomodation
Locality: S. Caterina di Pittinuri

Description: The hotel La Baja is located in front of a promontory, a unique position which faces over an enchanting little natural bay and a lovely view on the se…

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La Playa (SG0750)
Price: 42 - 129 € per day and accomodation
Locality: Putzu Idu

Description: La Playa is a semi-detached house with garden and a sea view terrace equipped with rocking chairs in Ratan.
The distance from the sea is only 20 …

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La Terrazza (SG0783)
Price: 50 - 128 € per day and accomodation
Locality: San Giovanni di Sinis

Description: This exclusive apartment is located in San Giovanni di Sinis only 70 meters from the beach of fine white sand.
The apartment is located in a semi…

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Shardana (SG0464)
Price: 40 - 128 € per day and accomodation
Locality: Funtana Meiga

Description: The apartment Shardana consists of 2 floors, a living area and a sleeping area.
It is not far away from the beach of Funtana Meiga.
Living a…

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Villa Dei Fiori (SG0315)
Price: 61 - 190 € per day and accomodation
Locality: Torre del Pozzo

Description: Villa dei Fiori in Torre del Pozzo of 180 sqm with a 300 sqm garden.
Torre del Pozzo is located on the west coast of Sardinia, just some steps fr…

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Villa dei Fiori 2 (SG0819)
Price: 61 - 197 € per day and accomodation
Locality: Torre del Pozzo

Description: A part of a two-family house in Torre del Pozzo with a beautiful sea view from S`archittu and Torre del Pozzo.
From this tower, the location got …

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Villetta Davide (SG0837)
Price: 43 - 128 € per day and accomodation
Locality: Torre Grande

Description: Villeta Davide is a part of a terraced house in Torre Grande, ca. 250 m distant from the sea.
The holiday property is built on two …

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Villetta Moon  (SG0786)
Price: 43 - 121 € per day and accomodation
Locality: Is Arenas

Description: ´Villetta Moon´ is part of a row of houses and is located at the end of which in the private gated community of Is Arenas. It is built on a large pr…

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Villetta Moon  (SG0786)
Price: 61 - 143 € per day and accomodation
Locality: Putzu Idu

Description: Villetta Serena is a holiday home in the village of Putzu Idu only 80 m distant from the sea.
It has a large garden with car parkin…

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Casa Sa Rocca Tunda (SG0968)
Locality: Sa Rocca Tunda
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Horse Country Resort Congress & Spa
Price: 68 - 172 € per day and person
Locality: Arborea

Description: Horse Country Resort: in the heart of Sardinia, directly on the beach, rises Horse Country Resort Sardinia. In the back the mountainous highla…

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Su Crastu Biancu (SG0955)
Price: 85 - 129 € per day and accomodation
Locality: Sa Rocca Tunda

Description: Holiday home with a large veranda overlooking the sea, a few steps from the famous beach of ´Su Crastu Biancu´, a beach with white sand and crystal cl…

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Price: 75 - 173 € per day and person
Locality: Guspini

Description: Tartheshotel is the ideal place for a relaxing holiday where dreams and magic mix together.
Welcoming and comfortable accommodation is furnished …

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Villa dei Fenici (SG0852)
Price: 50 - 128 € per day and accomodation
Locality: San Giovanni di Sinis

Description: The ´Villa dei Fenici´ (Villa of the Phoenicians) is a detached cottage on the coast of San Giovanni di Sinis.
It has a large outd…

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We have found 37 Structures in 2 pages:      <-   1 | 2