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Hotel El Faro

   The accomodation is opened from 19/4 to 18/10
Free choice of the arrival and departure days.

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  Standard single use (garden view, breakfast) 
  Standard single use (garden view, halfboard) 
  Standard single use (garden view, fullboard) 
  Standard double room (garden view, breakfast) 
  Standard double room (garden view, halfboard) 
  Standard double room (garden view, fullboard) 
  Classic double room (sea view, veranda, breakfast) 
  Classic double room (sea view, veranda, halfboard) 
  Classic double room (sea view, veranda, fullboard) 
  Executive double room (sea view, balcony, breakfast) 
  Executive double room (sea view, balcony, halfboard) 
  Executive double room (sea view, balcony, fullboard) 
  DeLuxe double room (sea view, terrace, breakfast) 
  DeLuxe double room (sea view, terrace, halfboard) 
  DeLuxe double room (sea view, terrace, fullboard) 
  Junior Suite (sea view, breakfast) 
  Junior Suite (sea view, half board) 
  Junior Suite (sea view, full board) 
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