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Torre del Pozzo
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The beautiful scenery of "Torre del Pozzo" (in Sardinian language named as "Sa Torru e Su Puttu"), is a small seaside location of the commune (municipality) of "Cuglieri" and is located in the province of "Oristano".
It is especially popular and well-known by divers and snorkelers.
Torre del Pozzo is named after the watchtower built in the seventeenth century, situated a few meters away from an old natural shaft.
"Torre" means tower, "Pozzo" means fountain / shaft, and therefore the naming "Torre del Pozzo" the Tower of the shaft.
The tower stands on a picturesque rock called "La Balena" (The Whale).
This rock "La Balena" owes the rock´s natural shape of a whale, and the natural shaft, injected at high sea the sea water from the shaft´s mouth in the air.
The area enjoys a view of the bays of limestone, the sea with its crystal clear and in brilliant shades of blue water and its beautiful underwater world.
The panorama permits to have a view up to "Capo Mannu" (Cape Mannu).
The beach has a light and sandy soil with a clear tendency to gray color, smooth rocks and pebbles.
In Torre del Pozzo in September 2008, some scenes were shot for the film Sofia Ilaria Paganelli.
Even if the place was mentioned by the protagonists of the film as "S´Archittu" which is also part of Cuglieri commune, and in any case a neighboring village of Torre del Pozzo.
Torre del Pozzo can be reached by the state road (SS 292).
Services consist of restaurants and bars, a campground and public parking.
Distances (ca.): Bosa 38 km - 89 km Alghero - Sassari 129 km - 146 km Porto Torres - Olbia 181 km - 96 km Nuoro - Oristano 23 km - Cagliari 123 km.
Services & Équipements
    • Aire de stationnement de motocyclette
    • Au bord de la mer
    • Bar
    • Panorama
    • Parking
    • Plage
    • Restaurant
    • Sport: plongée
    • Sport: Snorkeling