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Sardinia Holidays 2017
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Our recommendations which we intend to sign as valid places.

Restaurant Quattro MoriRestaurant Quattro Mori
Via G.M. Angoi 93
Cagliari (CA)
Tel.: 070 650269
A tipical restful restaurant built in a tavern stile. Family management. Well known for its various hors d'oeuvre, appetizer and the very special fish specialities of the island, and these quiet a lot.
We suggest not to eat before something somewhere else the menu is very rich of different plates and Antonello the owner becomes happy when his guests enjoy eating.
We suggest in any case to reserve a table befor coming. The restaurant is every day complete at lunch and dinner. Most of its guest are local people.
Price - quality proportion: Excellent
Price per person: ca. 30 Euro
Il Miraggio
Loc. Campus
Villasimius (CA)
Tel.: 070 798021
A simple beach bar and restaurant at one of the most beautiful bays of Villasimius. In the summertime the tables are placed on the beach, during the wintertime inside under a bambus and wooden roof. This place is to racommend in any case for it's position on the beach, then the kitchen offers various plates of fish and meat. During the wintertime you'll find local people and you should reserve a table befor coming only during the weekend. In the summertime the restaurant is complete everytime and you should reserve a table befor in any case also one day befor.

Price - quality: Good
Price per person: ca. 25 - 31 Euro
Le Bricole Pub
Corso Vittorio Emanuele 16
Tel.: 070 657363
Very restful pub built in tavern stile in the centre of Cagliari. Here you eat at lunch what will be prepared from the kitchen by the day. Mother's kitchen is kooking for the local businessmen and citizens of the urban area around, "Stampace" and "La Marina". Sometimes you will need some patience to get a table, but this will be compared by the friendly atmosphere. Most of the times you will sit together at one table with other guests, every place is useful for the lunch time, which is an important time in Sardinia.
Price - Quality proportion: Good
Price per person: ca. 15 - 20 Euro
Da Severino
Via Piemonte 7
Senorbi (CA), North of Cagliari
Hotel Sporting Trexenta
Tel.: 070 9808181
Nice restaurant at Senorbi, the Hinterland of Cagliari. Here come to eat many local people from the surroundings of Cagliari, also from far away to enjoy the sensational fish specialities of the kitchen and its cooks. The restaurant became famous offering continously finest and freshest products from the fishmarket.
In any case is to reserve a table befor coming
Price - Quality proportion: Very good
Price per person: ca. 25 - 30 Euro
Ai Monti del Gennargentu
Loc. Settilles, Pratobello
Orgosolo (NU)
Tel.: 0784 402374
The "Highlander" of the Sardinian Mountains, which is placed on the road from Orgosolo to Pratobello in 1000 m altidude. Here the world is still intact, the porks and cows are moving free in the area and sometimes also on the road. The products are all home made and their taste is unique. The cooking is specialized in the tipical plates of the mountain area of Sardinia. So you will enjoy pasta and meat as it is prepared origional by the citizens of this area.
Here you as a visitor of Sardinia you have to go once a time to know Sardinia by its real part of being.
To reserve a table befor is recommanded, but the guests which will pass without advising are welcome also.
Price - Quality proportion: Excellent
Price per person: ca. 15 - 20 Euro
Da Barbara
Loc. Solanas
Sinnai (CA)
Tel.: 070 750630
The home made kick of the world of Sardinian specialities is at the road from Cagliari to Villasimius at Solanas. No smoking - but enjoying to eat. Very simple outside, surprising inside and the food which is prepared by the kitchen.
It has the fame to be one of the Top 5 restaurants in Sardinia, this is indicated in the international giudes of the gourmet world.
The family is extremely friendly and prepares everthing with choice and professionality.
Grandma has the situation under control looking television, meanwhile the best "homemade ravioli" are served at your table.
A restaurant with a big request, nearly every day complete, so reserve your table befor coming.
Price - Quality proportion: Good
Price per person: ca. 30 - 40 Euro
Pani E Casu
Elmas (CA)
Tel.: 070 216691
This place is in the north of Elmas going by car to Assemini, leaving Elmas after 600 m on the right side you find the indication as you see from the photo. It seems an old farmhouse restructed in a restaurant, simple furniture, at the beginning a neutral atmosphere, and its guests are local people.
When the waiter is coming to offer the menu it will start your enjoy, the cooking is excellent, across the garden with the vegetable plates, several meat plates and speciallities of the area and season. Compliments for the kitchen.
To reserve a table is recommanded
Price - Quality proportion: Very good
Price per person: ca. 20 - 30 Euro
Su Taleri
Porto Corallo
Villaputzu (CA)
Tel.: 070 997574
This restaurant is at the mainroad from Muravera to Arbatax after the village Villaputzu, entering to the right at the cross to Porto Corallo. At the entrance of this road (20 m) you find on the left side a small road going down, here the restaurant is placed after 40 m on the right side.
In this place the sea food world seems to be still intact, specialities in every choice and kind with open end.
Simple furniture, local people and in the summer season some guests from outside.
In any case is recommanded to reserve a table.
Price - Quality proportion: Very good
Price per person: ca. 30 - 40 Euro
Zum Löweneck
Via Magellano 18
(A by-street of the main road Viale Colombo)
Quartu S.E. (CA)
Tel.: 070 811719
Simply german cooking if you don't like pizza and pasta anymore.
Restful wooden traditional german furniture.
In the summer season (sometimes also during the winter time) a covered heaten terrace outside.
Several types of German beer and a menu of specialities of the kitchen, like steaks, sausages, Sauerkraut, baked potatoes and at least the strudel.
A meeting point of many local people of this island, which loke to get in touch for a couple of hours with the nordish climate and atmosphere, and also for the "nordish people" which have choosen the island as their homeland to live and have some desire for "Nostalgy". A good mix of people with a good cooking, and the innkeeper Hans Dieter Michael, so named by the Italians "Michele" and "Dieter" by the Germans, is in the centre of this spectacle, extremely friendly, showing Bavarian jokes and kidding with his guests.
It's recommanded to reserve a table befor coming.
Price - Quality proportion: Good
Price per person: ca. 15 - 20 Euro

Il Gambero Rosso

Via Leonardi da Vinci
Loc. Is Motorius
(Mainroad to Villasimius, after Capitana)
Tel.: 328 7762366
Simple furnished restaurant, but it's inn-keeper "Hasan" is an expert in cooking of local specialities, pizza and arabic plates.
It seems strange that a stranger can cook so well the Sardinian specialities, but it is true. Hasan lives in Sardinia for more than 20 years and has the perfect experience of local cooking.
We never have eaten the local plate "boiled sheep meat" with vegetables, or other finest specialities as good here as in an other place.
And this was also noticed by Italian inn-keepers which have Italian Top level restaurants in Frankfurt, Germany.
The secret is that the kitchen of the homeland of Hasan the Middle East is often very simile to the sardish cooking.
If you come at lunch or dinner you are welcome, sometimes it can happen that you eat what Hasan suggest to eat.
So no menu choice every day for the guests.
Pizza only during the weekend, good pizzas, good choice and the prices are still as it was befor the Euro money came. Taht means that the most expensive pizza will cost 5 Euro. So this is extremly honest.
Price - Quality proportion: Excellent
Price per person: ca. 15 - 30 Euro
Price per person: ca. 10 - 15 Euro (pizza)

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