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subacquaLo Stazzu, Costa Paradiso 28 m

An excellent dive. It starts with swim down a crevice to a sandy-bottomed cave at around 26 m. A large lobster sometimes lurks here. After peering into the cave you make your way up a chimney to emerge at a shallower level. Have a good look about here for a slipper lobster, Scyllarides latus. This is a primitive looking creature with plates instead of long antennae. Another lobster to watch for is the Palinurus elephas crawfish. Other animals you might see include octopus, red coral, nudibranchs, moray eels and what is believed to be the largest mussel species in the world, the Pinna nobilis fan mussel. Lo Stazzu, incidently, is the name of a hut occupied by a shepherd, one of which is on the shore near to the dive.

Le Guglie, Costa Paradiso 32 m

Descend the anchor line to rocks at around 7 m, then follow the seafloor down. Terrain is very rocky with some beautiful tunnels and caves. Covered in life: nudibranchs (and their egg spirals), sea squirts, small sea fans, delicate pink corals and so on. Larger animals include a conger eel and a crawfish - Palinurus elephas. Big clouds of chromis are also swarming about.

La Punta, Costa Paradiso 32 m

Rocky outcrop with caves and tunnels. Look for oOctopus, pretty corals, crawfish, nudibranchs, sea bream, moray eels and a well camouflaged Pinna nobilis fan mussel which is protected in Italy. Dive finishes at 6 m.

Grotta Niedda, Costa Paradiso 31 m

Take a bright torch for this one as it is a series of tunnels, canyons and caves. Descend down La Punta pinnacle and enter a cave. A short stretch leads to an entrance into a second cave. This leads to an open canyon. At the end of the canyon is a small tunnel with a large lobster. Great dive. Lots of spiny lobsters (crawfish) and a rather large octopus. Not for the faint hearted.

Rocca Ruia, Costa Paradiso 30 m

Multi-level dive with things to see at all depths. Gullies and pinnacles. Sandy bottom with caves and crags. Large moray, Muraena helena, and, unusually for this area, a large grouper.


The gulf of Cagliari contains many WWII wrecks.

La Maddalena

The archipeligo of La Maddalena is designated a national park and hence is a popular diving destination.

Punta Coda Cavallo

This area, south of the Gulf of Olbia in the North East, is a marine reserve.

Capo Carbonara

Capo Carbonara, East of Cagliari in the south of the Island, is also a marine reserve.

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Top Destinations

Pula South Sardinia
Golfo Aranci Only 18 km north of Olbia
Stintino Northwest Sardinia
Torre delle Stelle Southeast Sardinia between Cagliari and Villasimius
Palau Northeast Sardinia