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There are many flying-places in Sardinia, and many others are still to be discovered. The main ones are the following.

Places in Sardinia where you can practise Paragliding

Province of Cagliari:

Marganai - Iglesias - CA Site Perfomance
Take off: Orientation S, easy/technical
Landing: Wide fields below Take off:
Top to Bottom: 600 Mt
The Flight: Exclusively on thermal, morning flight to start before the sea breeze from the west make Take off: and flight difficult.Good cross possibilities

Portoscuso - CA
Take off: Orientation NW, technical
Landing: Top Landing: only
Top to Bottom: 50Mt circa
The Flight: Soaring over this 3 Km cleefs in front of the sea is never been so easy, apart from Take off:, very difficult with strong wind and a 90° slope.You can stay here for hours flying till down arrive.

Buggerru - CA
Take off: Orientation W-NW,easy
Landing: Beach
Top to Bottom: 400 Mt
The Flight: Apart from a dirty Take off:, The Flight: is unique.This is the place where mountains and sea meat each others in a mixturte of colors from green to deep blue of the sea.Avoid Landing: on the beach if crowded, plenty of fields next to it.

Gonnosfanadiga - CA Site Perfomance
Take off: Orientation NW, easy
Landing: Field on the right of Take off:, not visible from the top of the mountain
Top to Bottom: 400 Mt.
The Flight: Thermal and soaring especially in the afternoon, big mountains behind Take off:.Good for cross country

Gutturu de Flumini - Marina di Arbus - CA
Take off: Orientation NW, easy
Landing: Beach below Take off: or field on left side about 500mt
Top to Bottom: 150 Mt
The Flight: Placed on the wilde side of the island with long beaches e few tourists is o good site for soaring along the hills and relaxing on the beach

Scivu beach - Fluminimaggiore - CA
Take off: Orientation W, easy
Landing: Beach below Take off:, all along The Flight:
Top to Bottom: 20/30Mt.
The Flight: Few kilometers from Gutturu de Flumini is Scivu Beach a long reef allows you to fly from morning to night all along the beach. Take off: is on a sandy dune, is pure soaring all day. You will need a strong wind and good skills of reverse Take off: techniqe, once in the air enjoy yourself with the wind.A bit difficult to reach, there are not much signs on the road.

Conca Arrubia -Villasimius - CA
Take off: Orientation SE, easy
Landing: Field below Take off:
Top to Bottom: 200 Mt.
Il volo Nice place near one af the best beaches of Sardinia thermalling and soaring you con enjoy a beautifull panorama.Nice place to stay with your family.

Solanas - CA
Take off: Orientation W-SW, technical
Landing: Beach
Top to Bottom: 50 Mt.
The Flight: A perfect soaring flight with strong wind 20/25 kmh, the beach in front of Take off: make it one of the perfect spot for the summer.

Guasila - CA
Take off: Oorientation SW-W-NW
Landing: Wide fields below Take off:
Top to Bottom: 300 Mt.
TheFlight Perfect soaring flights the best for teaching, here you have a wide Take off:, easy top landing, you can really enjoy yourself here,playing with the wind.

Bruncu Salamu - Dolianova - CA
Take off: Orientation S-SW, easy
Landing: Little road inside the valley below Take off:,highly technical
Top to Bottom: 400 Mt.
The Flight: Placed over the mountainsat NE of Dolianova this site can be very hard during summertime for its narrows valley and the rocks on the slopes. But if you avoid the warmest hours it can give you hours of good flying.

Province of Oristano:

Sa Jara - Tuili - CA Site Perfomance
Take off: Orientation S, easy
Landing: Wide fields under Take off:
Top to Bottom: 250 Mt
The Flight: Thermal and thermodynamic flight, in absolute our preferred flight for the regularity of the conditions and its possibilities.La jara is a 10Km plateau , with a medium unevenness of approximately 200 Mt.We fly therefore with 15- 25 Kmh of wind from S, SE, SW, that allows us soaring to find the right thermal just for the long round-trip to Albajara. All the zone is cultivated to wheat. .A meeting point during week end.

How to get there. Once you arrived in Tuili follow the signs for the "Jara" plateau. Right beyond the village you cross a little bridge and on the same road you arrive to the top of the plateau.About 500Mt before the top where you find a parking is the Take off: place. It,s not big and allows only one Take off: a time.Please remember to park your car properly and leave space to coaches and cars.

Pauli Arbarei - CA
Take off: Orientation W-SW-NW, large Take off: area
Landing: Wide fields below
Top to Bottom: 80, 100 Mt.
The Flight: Used as practice field, there are two fliyng sites on 500Mt distance between one another, the first one has an esposition to w-SW wind , the second one has an espositio to W-NW wind. Easy flight for soaring along the hills and sometime you can catch the right thermal on the grain fields.

How to get there You can reach the first site driving along the road between Pauli Arbarei and Tuili.After 3 Km from the village you turn right on a country road, follow the road and you'll be there.For the second Take off: you follow the same road between the village, but turn right on country road after about 4 Km from the village.

Province of Nuoro:

Sadali - Flumendosa Lake - NU
Take off: Orientation W-SW, easy
Landing: Dry lake below Take off:, if lake is full top-Landing: only
Top to Bottom: 450 Mt
The Flight: Recently discovered this beautifull place in the middle of the mountain is very easy to reach. Placed at the south side of Gennargentu where the mountains begin. In front of Take off: there is Flumendosa Lake (middle), dryed for most of the year that makes of it a huge Landing: field . At the back of it monte S.Vittoria 1200 Mt. At the back of this mountain is "barbagia" a semi desertic wild area of mountains with few roads and village around. All this makes the site fascinating and an uncomparable flight area, both for adventure lovers and safe flyers who love to have always a Landing: field below themi. Few flights made up now have seen big heights and distance around 30/50 Km up to Villagrande Strisaili direction N-NE.

Monte Ortobene - NU
Take off: Orientation S-SE, easy
Landing: Wide field below Take off:
Top to Bottom: 500 Mt
The Flight: Monte Ortobene is placed right out Nuoro outskirts,easy to reach from the town with a well paved road. Take off: is 10Mt down the road in the middle of the bushe, 200mt after the restaurant.A thermic flight to avoid whit strong meteo winds. Landing: is wide but become a little turbulent during summertime warmest hours .

Punta Corrasi - Oliena - NU
Take off:: Orientation NW, easy
Landing:: Several fields next to the village
Top to Bottom: 600 Mt
The Flight: Wounderfull flight over a calcareous mountain 10Km long, that goes NW from Oliena to the east coast of Sardinia and SW to the mountains of Orgosolo.To reach the Take off: place follow the sign from Oliena for Monte Maccione and the Hotel Enis that is right on the road to the Take off: only 2Km away from it.Here you can find a restaurant, pizzeria,camping and an organization for trekking and outdoor activities.

La Caletta - Siniscola - NU
Take off: Orientation S
Landing: Fields below or beach if you can reach it
Top to Bottom: 200Mt.
The Flight: Soaring flight in front of the sea at about 500Mt from it on a hill called Monte Longu, spectacular flight and good conditions especially on evening.To reach Take off: follow the sign from"la caletta" beach for Monte Longu and the restaurant "L'Aragosta". Take off: ground can be not very clean.

Gavoi - NU
Take off: Orientation NW, easy
Landing: Field next to the lake shore not visible from Take off:
Top to Bottom: 250Mt.
The Flight:. Take off: is placed over a mountain facing the village easy to recognize from the aerials on top of it.The rocky mountain allows you to fly thermals all year round, best hours afternoons, avoid strong meteo winds.The near lake and the rounding Gennargentu's mountains, make of it a pleasant place to stay whit friends and family.

Urzulei - Nu
Take off: Orientation S-SE, easy
Landing: Field in the middle of the valley, well visible from top.
Top to Bottom: 550 Mt.
The Flight:. We have two Take off: places: Punta Orotecannas (1089), Monte Pisaneddu (1254). A pretty thermal flight very strong during warmest hours due to valley heatingt. Landing: is placed over a private field in the middle of the valley. A big plateau on top of the muontain will allows you an easy top Landing.

Province of Sassari:

La Siesta - Alghero - SS Site Perfomance
Take off: Orientation W-NW, easy
Landing: Beach o fields below Take off:
Top to Bottom: 400 Mt
The Flight: Wonderfull site in front of the "Speranza" beach on a 30 km falesia the goes from Alghero o Bosa.Its west orientation allows you to fly nearly every day soaring or for the ones who like adventure, thermalling during nice day straight to Bosa.
How to get there From Alghero, follows the signs to Villanova Monteleone or Discoteque "La Siesta". Few Km after the discoteque at the end of a straight road toward south and a sudden turn on the right you can see a wide clean field on the right hand side , park your car and follows the footpath on the field on your right for about 200 Mt.direction NW. Pass a rudimental gate, you should see a pole on top of Take off: area with a wind-sock on it.

Punta Palai - Bolotana - NU
Take off: Orientation SE, easy
Landing: Fields below Take off:, easy top-Landing
Top to Bottom: 800 Mt
The Flight: Very difficult to find the right conditions to fly over Punta Palai because of the sea-breeze that come from NW .If you get a chance to fly be prepare for long distance flight. Punta Palai is right in the middle of a 50 Km chain of mountain from 900 to 1200 meters of height. Difficult to reach, guide needed.

(Source Flying Sites: Parapendio in Sardegna)


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